Table of Contents

About this project: see here

Table of contents

I repeat: this is the place where I work. Some parts are ready, others are available only in part or in outline. And no, I am not ashamed of the mess on my desk.

Introductory chapter:
— Which Kitāb al-‘Aẓama, which author?
— How old is al-‘Aẓama?
— The manuscripts of al-‘Aẓama
— Two versions, a mixed version and various extras
— Edition possible and desirable?
— Textual criticism

Contents of Kitāb al-‘Aẓama:
— Title pages and introductory phrases
— The book about itself: Outline, Arabic text (digital), Arabic text (pdf)Critical apparatusTranslation, study
— Cosmology: outline, text, translation, study
— Hell: outline, Arabic text (digital), Arabic text as pdf, Critical apparatus (in preparation), English, Nederlands (in bewerking), Study
— Paradise: Outline, Arabic text (forthcoming); translations: English (forthcoming), Deutsch, Nederlands; Study
— How to stay out of Hell? outline, text, translation, study
— An apocalypse: outline, text, translation, study
— Other additions


About this project: see here

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